Our Products

We stock a large range of products in our shops, from cereal to straws, spices and sanitary products. Some of our products are organic and all are low waste. We also work really hard to keep prices down to ensure that zero-waste shopping is affordable and does not cost the earth, or your pocket.

We are constantly adding products, but have set out a flavour of them here. Do get in touch if you want something specific and if we don’t have it, we will consider whether we can stock it.

Another Weigh

Cereals: We have a good range from porridge oats and muesli to honey rings and chocolate shells. We also have some gluten-free options.

Pulses & Legumes: We stock a wide variety of lentils and dried beans for soups, stews and sprouting.

Grains: We have a selection of brown and white rice, pasta (including wholemeal and gluten-free) and other grains such as polenta, cous-cous and quinoa.

Nuts & Seeds: Ever popular, we have a variety of raw and roasted nuts and seeds from sunflower to chia. Bring a jar to make your own palm-oil free peanut butter using our machine.

Dried Fruit: For baking and snacking, we stock a wide variety, including some yoghurt or raw chocolate-coated treats.

Herbs & Spices: We have over 30 different herbs and spices – buy as much or as little as you would like.

Baking: We have everything you need for baking bread and cakes including a selection of flours (including gluten-free), sugars, cacao powder and raising agents.

Store Cupboard: Our Penrith shop has a selection of liquid foods such as vinegars and oils and both shops stock other staples including yeast flakes, vegan stock powder and soya mince.

Snacks: Our popular snacks include Bombay mix, horseradish peas and salt and vinegar fava beans. We also sell Two Farmers crisps in compostable packets.

Cleaning Products: We are proud to have introduced a closed loop system which means that, unlike many other refill stations, our suppliers clean and reuse the containers. We have laundry liquid and softener and a selection of household cleaning products.

Toiletries: Our toiletry range includes solid shampoo, soap and conditioner made in Cumbria and refillable liquid versions which are a closed loop system to ensure zero-waste. We also stock Georganics toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste as well as denttabs – solid toothpaste tablets with fluoride which are sold by weight. We sell washable make-up wipes and sanitary pads and the Penrith shop has cloth nappies.

Household: Our range of plastic-free alternatives is constantly changing. Look out for reusable water bottles and straws or try our eco firefighters and recycled aluminium foil.


Nut butter

Make your own nut butter from nuts in our shop using our nut butter machine. Bring your own jar and fill it with nut butter of your choice, free from palm-oil, salt and sugar.


Household Cleaning

From 20-200 litres, all of our liquid refills have a circular refill system meaning that, unlike many other refill liquid refill services, they are all sent back to our suppliers at SESI, Miniml, FILL & Cole and Co to be washed out and refilled with their British made liquids. We have a good variety for laundry, household cleaning, shampoo, conditioner and liquid soaps.

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