About Us

Another Weigh is the first dedicated zero-waste shop in Penrith dedicated to reducing waste and improving our shopping habits.

Owned by Zoe Hedges and Chris and Emma Bray, we want to improve the future of the planet for our children.

Another Weigh
Another Weigh


Zoe Hedges has always been concerned with environmental issues, having had her eyes opened while volunteering at Kent Wildlife Trust to the effects our way of life is having on wildlife. Becoming a mother strengthened those worries about what sort of world we are leaving for our children. Zoe moved to Cumbria in 2013 to raise her family. She lives in Penrith with her fiancé Ben Carney and three children Leo, Tristan and Logan.

Zoe tried to reduce the amount of waste coming from her home, switching to cloth nappies and bars of soap but couldn’t find a way to get rid of the plastic waste coming from her food shop. Around the country a number of zero waste shops were opening, allowing shoppers to buy without packaging, Zoe set out to open her own zero waste shop in Penrith and started a crowdfunder campaign offering gifts in thanks for pledges. Zoe was overjoyed at the response and it raised £3,000.

Another Weigh

Chris & Emma

In January 2018 we decided to eliminate single-use plastic from our household, motivated by our teenage daughter, Amy, who is passionate about marine ecology and campaigns to educate people about the harm which their lifestyles cause to the planet. The start of our journey was difficult. We realised that so many staple foods only come wrapped in plastic and we struggled with our basic weekly shop. Over the summer, our eyes were opened when we visited a zero-waste shop in Totnes in Devon. We were determined to do something locally to make the journey easier for others. We want to help you take back control of your shopping basket.

Another Weigh


Anne-Marie has been passionate about sustainability and ecologically responsible ways of living for a long time. Originally from Cumbria, she lived in both the United States and Switzerland before returning to the UK. Some of her time abroad included a summer spent WWOOFing in France, where she gained a deeper awareness of how our food systems and modern lifestyles impact the environment.

Three years spent living in the foodie city of Portland, Oregon introduced her to plastic-free shopping, as well as a host of recipes using whole foods. Since settling in Kendal she has been fortunate enough to plant roots in an allotment, where she enjoys attempting to grow her own food according to the seasons. All of these experiences have led Anne-Marie to become more involved in environmental causes and the zero-waste movement. She is also currently studying and MSc in Sustainability and Behaviour Change at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Thank you

The idea for a plastic-free shop in Penrith was originally the subject of a crowdfunding campaign. Thank you to all who contributed to help our project happen.
We are also extremely grateful to the following who have provided their services for free or at a reduced cost:
Dodd & Co, Accountants; Arnison Heelis, Solicitors; Jili Allen Creative; Three Peaks Web Design; Mike and Gary Mole, builders and joiners;
Cubby Signs; Simon Bentley and Steven Benson, electricians; Mia Lympany; Shannon Williams; Helen Holland.